What it finds areresidents appalled at what they claim are a few vocal part-time residents - "they will moan about anything" - blowing up a non-existent problem. Fortunately now there is a public easement through the Ryton Track which allows you to reach Lake Ida and Little Lake Ida. Find out more in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The track follows the base of Little Mount Ida around to Lake Ida, a lake well known for fishing and known among outdoor ice skating enthusiasts for being a reliable spot for finding quality ice in the right winter conditions. What better way to experience the true Canterbury high country than by horseback. In 1915 a 'show home' was built near the power station as an example of an all electric home. Previously from the Waitaki Valley and Northern Southland. Send Bitcoin address to your wallet, All other share settings are ignored, map centers on. They were surveyors investigating routes to West Coast gold fields. Pam is a very important part of the team, Pam works away in the background supporting Tony and assisting with many staff activities and functions. [3][6], In the early years of the station, demand for electricity in Christchurch grew rapidly[4]:125145 and the transmission system extended to reach Rangiora in the north and Oamaru in the south. A beautiful spot which some locals are happy to share. "When I arrived here Bruce was tipping money in. Click the map, drag the pin or enter your own to set coordinates: More options are available with LINZ's online coordinate converters. He also owns Mt Oakden, at the head of the lake. Formation of the lake reaching right up to the hill with the water level lapping right up to the edge of the mountain make it incredibly easy to put your skates on whilst still sitting out on your backpack or bum padding of choice. Representation on this map of a road or track does not necessarily indicate public right of access. There is a $10 charge for this walk. The Ryton Track follows around the base of Little Mount Ida to eventually reach Lake Ida. Ryton Track is a small hidden track near Lake Coleridge that is shown as an unnamed walking track on the topographical map. Top Left: Fred followed by Matt making there way around Little Mount Ida en route to Top Right: Walking along the old car park that was used for big groups and the masses that once came to Lake Ida for an ice skating session during the winter season.Bottom Left: Fred making strides out towards the frozen lake with joy after we found the lake looking solidly frozen from a distance Bottom Right: Looking out towards Mount Olympus whilst the sun sets over the mountain ranges. {{places.length }} results found for "{{activeSearchQuery}}", {{place.SynopsisDescription | striphtml | truncate(37, '')}}. [5] Following its initial construction, the twin 66 kV transmission lines connecting the power station with Christchurch's Addington substation were the highest voltage in New Zealand, and the longest at over 100 kilometres (62mi) long. The offspring from the romney hoggets, effectively perendales from the romney-cheviot cross, proved too spirited for a plan to send the ewe lambs up to Mt Oakden station. WebGlenthorne Station is a 62,352 acre high country sheep and cattle station nestled on the shores of Lake Coleridge, by the spectacular Southern Alps. To quiet and nobody can make a living. One subsidiary, Transpower, adopted responsibility for the outdoor switching yard, with the parent company planning to sell the facility at Coleridge. Starting with a small climb up and around the hill it soon tails off and continues on following a variety of flora right the way through to the lake. Accordingly, NZ Topo Map has attempted to provide accurate information and materials on this web site but assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of that information or materials. Pam also assists in providing pastoral support to the Cadet training programme. [4]:361. Situated on Ryton Station Land back in 2001 (now known as Lower Glenthorne Station). Gravity is used to power the station with Lake Coleridge sitting 170 m above the Rakaia River. With regrassing, fertiliser, fences and stock water that land has been transformed. WebLake Coleridge was the first government-built Hydro Electric Power station in New Zealand. Then we come across Andrew Kitchener, a village resident known as the keenest walker in the area. Clockwise from Top Left: Looking across to Lake Ida from the higher while we continue to skate across A puck sitting back on the ice whilst Karl and his Mrs skate the lake.Nathan (the Author) getting his skate on across the lake for a photo to prove his abilityMatt skating across some untamed ice in the distance of Little Lake Ida. WebAll persons wanting to use the farm tracks must contact the Station Manager to book a The issue had sparked debate in the village, he says, and it was disappointing to hear his and others' views labelled as a small minority view. Currently an engineering student with a heart for discovering and sharing with the world hidden adventures in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Ive grown up in the outdoors from a very young age. Initially they were housed in tents and sheds. He says there used to be a bit of a problem with human waste down at the intake until the council installed a $60,000 toilet. In the meantime the welcoming face of people like Hugh and Janet Derham and Rod Harper will ensure NZ's reputation as a hospitable place continues. Its smaller brother, Little Lake Ida sits right along side Lake Ida and is also a great spot for both fishing in the summer months and skating during the winter months. Built in 1925 still in operation in New Zealand. Louis has always had strong a passion for farming. bc1qpqgghpyhcdgrmhdrsvytgehzza6uck2v4c3aml This site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience. "And at the end of the day why would the council want to spend a lot of money when we already have a perfectly good facility.". This begins with crossing the causeway between Lake Ida and the smaller pond next to the lake pictured in the cover photo. Click a map sheet area on the map to see the download options. Walk alongside the Rockwood stream. The track, although rough looking is well cut and cleared making it relatively easy to follow. Reports have been kept up to date by the community of Ice Skating enthusiasts that enjoy skating on the naturally frozen lakes. If any village in NZ is capable of handling a few campers, Lake Coleridge village is it. Byron's wife, Judy, asks him. He reckoned it was just an endless pit. NZ has to decide which way it wants to go. Alpine Energy was only involved in the deal to circumvent a rule that the station could only be sold to a South Island company, with Alpine withdrawing from the scheme in 1998. Lake Coleridge volunteer firefighters, from left, Bruce Simpson, Neil Frazer, Kevin Frews and Kerry Munroe, have quit in protest. On the Coleridge Intake Road we meet Richard McCulloch who is on his quad bike dealing with some wasp nests. In the shadow of Mount Ida, this easy walk takes in two alpine lakes within 30 minutes of Lake Coleridge village. Woody spends much of his spare time away hunting with his family over on the West Coast at their batch, Woody also plays rugby and gets out on his motorbike when possible. ", "This is a beautiful place and we don't care if people want to come here. Troy joined the Coleridge Downs team in 2021 to become Dry Acheron Block Manager. [3], Water supply was a challenge, and so three river diversions were made to increase the amount of water available in the lake: the Harper River in 1922, the Acheron River in 1930, and later the Wilberforce River in 1977. General. Kirk takes satisfaction in seeing the station developed to its potential, including a 400ha block that previously could barely grow a good crop of gorse, thanks to low fertility and the prevailing norwest winds. . Potentially a great picnic hike for young ones. Apart from Miles, the new owners are mostly English and American, but like him they bring ample capital. As I grew older my parents would organize an annual tramp each year with my grandparents usually ticking one of the Great Walks off each year. When Miles bought Lake Coleridge, it needed new fences, new pastures and a reliable stock and house water supply. They say that at the most three trampers might spend the night in the village at the height of the season. Lake Pearson, Canterbury High Country Trout Fishing. Send Bitcoin address to your wallet, Ethereum address: About 6000 trees have been planted on Lake Coleridge for shelter belts. "Do you start inserting camping grounds for Te Araroa trampers? It takes approximately half an hour from Lake Ida to reach Little Lake Ida in and amongst the scrambling through the scrub and breaking branches. Oh sure, we are on a waiting list TBD when it will be in. Carey is a graduated cadet from 2018. What is soon evident from the walk with Hugh is the acres of space all around, including adjacent to the toilet block. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing or paragliding. Show additional layer of information on the map: NZ Topo Map is an interactive topographic map of New Zealand using the official LINZ's 1:50,000 / Topo50 and 1:250,000 / Topo250 maps. To find it, drive through Harper Village and over the bridge across the Harper Canal, then turn left down towards Lake Coleridge. It can be difficult to predict when ice will form on the lake and what conditions. Today, with many power station functions automated, the village's permanent population is small and residents mostly value the area for its recreation. Starting point:Rockwood farm, Darts Road (off Washpen Road). I wanted the HP Beats Edition Touch Screen Notebook PC, it was sold out. By continuing to use this site you consent to our use of cookies. Control and management is obviously part of the answer. No results found, please try another search. [7], All turbines are of the horizontal Francis type. He says he called the meeting "to try and bring everything out in the open to discuss it as normal human beings, residents or ratepayers". Find out more in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Rod Harper, left, and Hugh Derham say trampers can camp on their lawns. Lake Coleridge was the first major hydro power plant to open and is credited with establishing the country's commitment to renewable hydro energy. 2.1 The Harper Camp Site. tautahi Christchurch is stacked with laneways and hidden gems. Jonty plays rugby for the Local Club and gets out on his motorbike when he has spare time from Dog Training. Such access does not confer a right to use any other farm tracks on the property.. Make the most of our amazing regions with these special deals. READ MORE: *Stranded trampers blamed for Lake Coleridge poo problem. If your wallet complains that the SegWit address is invalid use the Legacy address instead. Willem comes to Annavale from Shepherding in North Canterbury for a couple of years since leaving school. Hence every time you head out for a skating session out on the lake it can be a bit of a gamble whether you will be able to skate. Explore the Canterbury region filled with diverse landscapes and unforgettable moments, all on your doorstep. According to the Glenthorne Station Public Access page:People with WebFind company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for LAKE The smaller free Chatham Islands download can be used to test compatibility, the large mainland download is charged for to help cover service costs. People leave us their addresses and I get letters from parents saying thank goodness someone is looking after my daughter.". 1FrcAJbfY5jg1MfbaYpYn24MHRkdi7SFSB The collection grew large and diverse enough to be called an arboretum. Henry joined the Coleridge Downs team in 2020, to become the Dry Acheron Block manager. 4.1 Breakfast at Barkers. A small donation Nothing major, but it's one thing we've noticed with the cheviots, you just don't lose anything through stuck lambs.". If you read any of these articles, read Aardwolfs Ice Report Natural Ice Skating Safety Post. Horizontal turbine (BTH) at Lake Coleridge power station, "Pamphlet 18787A-73 A: Lake Coleridge Power Station", "Transpower Transmission Network: South Island", New Zealand Electricity information pamphlet 18787A-73 A, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Coleridge_Power_Station&oldid=1134901240, Hydroelectric power stations in New Zealand, Buildings and structures in Canterbury, New Zealand, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox dam which are not about dams, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 21 January 2023, at 10:10. Without the community of people who help to support the page updating conditions of local lakes in the area.

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