In this article, were going to take a look at all of the main fixed and variable costs associated with owning a Cessna 172. Thats mainly due to the increased maintenance costs. The rear windows were slightly enlarged by 16 square inches (103cm2). The Hawk XP was capable of a 131-knot (243km/h) cruise speed. Fuel costs The Cessna 172 burns about 7-9 gallons per hour with Avgas typically costing about $6 per gallon, hourly fuel costs for the Cessna Skylane run between $42 and $54 per hour. Typical prop overhauls come to under $3000 and with new props starting at around $6000 or so, the overhaul just looks better. Pick-up and Delivery service ranges from $250.00 $900.00 (one way) Round-trip delivery service $500.00 $1,500.00 $7.82. Perhaps Ive been lucky. Pickup and Delivery Services are available for your engine and propeller, . It seems like the work orders from the conversion on dads 172 ended up at about $35,000 back in 2004. If youre on a budget, you can pick up a good condition used Cessna 172 Skyhawk within the $49,000 to $235,000 price range for a 1958 to 2001 model. How much does a Cessna 150 engine overhaul cost? The gross weight was increased to 2,250lb (1,021kg). A Flight-Resource 79-inch 3-blade option is now approved along with the popular 83-inch 2-blade configuration for all Cessna 170, 172 and 175 that are powered by a Lycoming -360 series engine. and dry leases (just the plane. SHIPPING COSTS: Univair charges ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS on all shipments. Sure, the purchase price will likely be the single biggest price you ever have to pay while you own the plane, but there are other costs involved that pop up throughout the time you own it. The cost of aircraft insurance can also vary depending on the amount of coverage you want, your location, and the company that you choose to go with. FAA Approved Repair Station (#RV3R829L) [29] This model is a development of the proposed and then cancelled Skyhawk TD. McCauley has been manufacturing propellers for over 70 years for aircraft across the globe. For more detailed information on hangar costs, check out our full cost analysiswhere we take an in-depth look at the cost of renting, buying, or building a hangar of your own. There are many of them on the market because they first launched in 1956 and are still being manufactured to this day. [2] First flown in 1955,[2] more 172s have been built than any other aircraft. How to Calculate Overhead Absorption Advertisement Overhaul Schedule and Average Cost Cessna 150/152s have a recommended TBO of 1,800 hours, with an average overhaul cost in 2011 of $20,000. Last edited on 26 February 2023, at 14:37, world record for (refueled) flight endurance, the Cessna 172 in which he was a passenger crashed, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, "Trivia on Time and History 3:53 p.m. Accepted returns must arrive at our facility within 30 days from invoice issue date with complete paperwork and in original packaging condition or customer will be refused a refund or credit. Unlike fixed costs, youll only need to pay these costs when the plane is actually in use. It was equipped with a Continental O-300 145hp (108kW) six-cylinder, air-cooled engine and had a maximum gross weight of 2,200lb (998kg). Another way to think about these types of costs is that no matter how often you fly your Cessna 172, youll still have to pay for these things. Find and Compare CESSNA 172 for sale Also Consider. What Are the Fixed Costs for Cessna 172 Skyhawk Ownership? IO-520-D (3-blade 86 Scimitar Voyager), (See individual page for serial number ranges and applicable engines), 206, U206, U206A, P206A, TP206A, TU206A F, U206B G ( )IO-520-( ) (3-blade 78) Serving Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas. 1530 Since Factory Reman. Same as for loans, think about your ability to make the payments for the duration of the full lease. Cessna 172 / Performance and Handling Performance Times typically run between 1,500 and 2,500 hours and theres usually a calendar factor of about 12 years so the guidance is for whatever comes first. Applying for a loan created especially for financing airplanes is an additional choice. when I learned to fly in1965 in a1959 172 a brand new Skyhawk was $12,300. This puts the overhaul cost of the engine between $8.88/ hour and $16.00/hour. A second-hand Cessna 172 Skyhawk costs approximately $49,000 to $235,000 (aged from 1958 to 2001). The aircraft was well accepted for use on floats, however, as the standard 172 is not a strong floatplane, even with only two people on board, while the XP's extra power improves water takeoff performance dramatically. This includes the cost of the oil, the labor to change it, and the disposal fee. It makes sense to thoroughly investigate and compare lease possibilities from various suppliers. [18], Model introduced in July 2014 for 2015 customer deliveries, powered by a 155hp (116kW) Continental CD-155 diesel engine installed by the factory under a supplemental type certificate. [17] For the first time, the "Skyhawk" name was applied to an available deluxe option package. A wet wing was optional, with a capacity of 62 US gallons of fuel. Your email address will not be published. D-30260 P/N C163004-0104 Cessna 172 / 172M McCauley Flanged Wheel No. The price was US$9,450 and 1,015 were built. These costs are the ones that tend to increase the more you fly your plane. Production in 1970 was 759 units.[11]. Statistically, engine failure is rare. However, the price can vary depending on the year, model, and location of purchase. The RAM New Difference Package is available for shipment to your installing FBO for little more than a complete engine and prop overhaul. When I saw regular maintenance here, Im not explicitly talking about oil changes, which is what many people seem to think of. In the US, youll find hangar space for approximately as little as $70 per month, although youll probably want to pay more than that for more facilities and security. As you can see, once you start adding everything up, the cost of ownership for a Cessna 172 Skyhawk (on indeed any plane) can be expensive. Cessna 150/152s have a recommended TBO of 1,800 hours, with an average overhaul cost in 2011 of $20,000. Gross weight was increased to 2,300lb (1,043kg), where it would stay until the 172P. Annually, youre looking at about $850 for your storage costs at a hangar for your Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Propeller Parts Market 772-464-0088 Aircraft Propeller Parts for Sale Overhaul Exchange Service Repair Hartzell McCauley Dowty Rotol Sensenich Mt Raisbeck Now thats not to say an engine cant over over TBO, Ive flown some 172s with 2600 hours on the engine! It had a useful load that was about 100lb (45kg) more than the Skyhawk P and a rate of climb that was actually 20 feet (6m) per minute lower, due to the higher gross weight. Cessna 172: 172 [ I - M ] [ 1968 - 76 ] Constant Speed Propeller Overhaul $2,800.00 $3,400.00. Most all of these O-320s have hollow crankshafts that are plugged in the front but open to the crankcase and they build up sludge in there and corrosive combustion byproducts. All we can provide here are estimates because your mileage may vary when it comes to variable costs for running a Cessna 172. cessna 172 propeller overhaul cost. Read more about us, here. The 1977 "N" model 172 also introduced rudder trim as an option and standard "pre-selectable" flaps. Besides the price, fixed costs total about $800 to $5,000 per year for insurance, hangar fees, and regular maintenance. You can get wet leases (includes a pilot!) The 172J designation was never used for a production aircraft. [27] The model has a top speed of 131kn (243km/h) and burns 3 U.S. gallons (11L; 2.5impgal) per hour less fuel than the standard 172. Are you curious about how much it is to overhaul your aircrafts propeller? In some cases, you may be able to find a hangar for around $50 to $200 per month to sublet from a hangar owner. Aviations Most Powerful Operating Cost Analytics Tool In A Single App Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma ROTAX CESSNA 150 UPGRADE YOUR C150 WITH A MODERN ENGINE. Other owners fly the airplane to the overhaul location and let the overhaul specialists remove, overhaul and reinstall the . Compared to other planes, its not too bad. In addition, the total cost of ownership (ignoring depreciation) but including costs such as insurance, maintenance, and hangar costs will be approximately $13,125 annually. [35][36] In 2012, the prototype, using Panacis batteries, engaged in multiple successful test flights. Probably some of the biggest risk in a field overhaul is the crankshaft. But this engine proved troublesome[21] and it was replaced by the similarly rated O-320-D2J to create the 1981 172P. Victor Aviation is widely regarded as the finest aircraft engine overhaul facility in the world. Propellers; Top Prop; Governors; You might have the opportunity to build or buy your own hangar. [11][18], The 172E was the 1964 model. The 172I also introduced the first standard "T" instrument arrangement. Constant speed conversion kits, which are available for 1956 C-172 through 1980 C-172N models cost $3550 with the factory new governor and prop costing $5725. item 5 Cessna 172 / 172M McCauley Flanged Wheel No. Cessna introduced a retractable landing gear version of the 172 in 1980 and named it the Cutlass 172RG. This breaks down to $160.38 per hour. However, the price can vary depending on the year, model, and location of purchase. We have constructed a hypothetical operating cost estimate using a 1975 Cessna 172M Skyhawk. This model year also saw a redesigned instrument panel to hold more avionics. Communication with the propeller shop is the key to making good decisions here. Hartzell Product Documentation: CESSNA: CESSNA 170.pdf CESSNA 172-175.pdf CESSNA 177.pdf CESSNA 180-SCIMITAR.pdf CESSNA 180.pdf CESSNA 182-2 BLADE.pdf CESSNA . Learn all about planes and pilots, and even how to fly, with SkyTough. dolor de espalda alta pulmones covid; times higher education world university rankings; why did cam henry become the executioner; Just trying to get an idea of an average cost. The longer you own a plane for, the more the annual variable costs tend to start increasing. Univair Aircraft Corporation 2500 Himalaya Road Aurora, Colorado 80011 Toll Free Sales: 888-433-5433 Phone: 303-375-8882 Your tracking number is included on your invoice. Obtaining a loan from a bank or other financial organization is one choice. Keep in mind that they sell quickly once they go on the market. The cost of aircraft insurance can also vary depending on the amount of coverage you want, your location, and the company that you choose to go with. Here's a simple guide with our pricing: Fixed Pitch Propeller Overhaul - $840.00 - $920.00 Aircraft Propeller Ceiling Fan Constant Speed Propeller Overhaul - $2,800.00 - $3,400.00 Full-feathering / Turbo Prop Overhaul - $4,000.00 - $6,800.00 Propeller Boots come extra ranging from $130.00 - $400.00 [37] The R&D project was not pursued for production. The next model year was the 1969 "K" model. It's important to shop around and find the best deal for your needs. Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the CESSNA 172R has total variable costs of $50,400.00, total fixed costs of $21,770.00, and an annual budget of $72,170.00. There isn't a specific TBO "fixed" life as there is with constant speed propellers. Victor Aviation is widely regarded as the finest aircraft engine overhaul facility in the world. Propellers are not the only type of aviation accessory you can create art from. eBay Product ID (ePID) . IO-520-D (3-blade 80) First, they are no nonsense, safe, easy to fly trainers and personal aircraft; and second, they are some of the hardest working, robust, utility airplanes ever built. Youll most likely be opting for the dry lease option. The FR172 Reims Rocket was produced by Reims Aviation in France from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. Like engine and propeller TBOs, Service Bulletinsincluding those titled Mandatory Service Bulletinsare 100 percent optional in piston powered aircraft operating under Part 91. So in fuel costs alone, flying your Skyhawk costs about $40 to $50 per hour, on average, depending on the price of fuel. The planned engine was to be a Thielert Centurion 2.0, liquid-cooled, two-liter displacement, dual overhead cam, four-cylinder, in-line, turbo-diesel with full authority digital engine control with an output of 155hp (116kW) and burning Jet-A fuel. The "P" model also saw the maximum flap deflection decreased from 40 degrees to 30 to allow a gross weight increase from 2,300lb (1,043kg) to 2,400lb (1,089kg). The amount of depreciation will depend on many things, such as how old the plane is, how much it cost to buy in the first place, what its expected resale value is, and how the market is doing. O-360 (2-Blade) 172, 172A-I, 172K-N, 172P, 175, 175A-C. O-360 (2-Blade) 172F through 172S and Reims/Cessna F172F though F172P. 827 172Ls were sold in 1971 and 984 in 1972.[11]. The total cost to fly is approximately $131 per hour (based on 100 flying hours). Youll soon have to start paying for the fixed and variable running costs. It brought to the line an optional autopilot and a key starter to replace the previous pull-starter. Thats where a lot of people will first hear of the practice of having a share in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Some parts of this page is temporarily unavailable. 1,401 172Es were built that year as production continued to increase. If you are technically-minded, you can save money on labor by looking after oil changes yourself. A variant of the 172, the T-41 Mescalero was used as a trainer with the United States Air Force and Army. Variable costs, like fuel and engine overhauls, cost roughly $50 to $60 per hour of flight time. On the opposite side of the coin, there are also variable costs involved in owning and flying a Cessna 172. Learn about the fascinating world of aviation. For more detailed information on hangar costs. I recommend that you shop around and you might get a lower rate. This included new baffling, starter, carburetor, ignition leads, hoses, oil cooler, engine mounts, etc. How often does a Cessna 172 need an overhaul? How much does a Cessna engine overhaul cost? Other modifications include additional fuel tank capacity in the wing tips, added baggage compartment tanks, added wheel pants to reduce drag, or enhanced landing and takeoff performance and safety with a STOL kit. How often do you have to rebuild an airplane engine? Safety is paramount, so its a crucial thing that needs to happen. Meanwhile, safe flying! Currently, avgas costs about $5 per gallon, and the Cessna 172 Skyhawk consumes 8.0 gallons of avgas each hour. [1][4][5] The aircraft remains in production today. . IO-360-A1B6(D) 177RG, F177RG (2-Blade Scimitar), O-470( ) (Land, Sea & Amphibian) (80 3-Blade) In my experience a lot of people don't do this, which is too bad as the overhaul cost of a fixed pitch prop isn't that much. Upon purchase, the aircraft probably already has flying hours on the engine. Here we will assume that an engine rebuild will cost between $16,000 and $30,000.00 and that the recommend time between overhaul is between 1,800 hours and 2,000 hours. . 2740 N. Sheridan Rd. The 1983 model added some minor soundproofing improvements and thicker windows. [11], There was no "O" ("Oscar") model 172, to avoid confusion with the number zero.[11]. A new Cessna 172 Skyhawk starts at around a cost of $432,000. Copyright 2023 Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma. Here at SkyTough, youre going to find nothing but the best, most helpful aviation content anywhere on the web. In a legal sense, theres no difference between a new and rebuilt engine. 206, 206A, TU206A-TU206F, P206A, TP206A ( )520-( ) (3-blade 82 Scimitar) In most cases having them checked and balanced at overhaul is an 2015 Hartzell Propeller. Very good compression: 78, 75, 75, 78. [7] Later, the 172 was given its own type certificate. The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is an American four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company. Alternatively, the majority of newly qualified private pilots prefer to rent a Cessna 172 Skyhawk if that makes more financial sense for them. The 172RG sold for about US$19,000 more than the standard 172 of the same year and produced an optimal cruise speed of 140 knots (260km/h), compared to 122 knots (226km/h) for the contemporary 160 horsepower (120kW) version. MODEL CONDITION APPLICATION QTY NOTES 1A170/GM7452 OVERHAULED AMERICAN CHAMPION, PIPER SUPER CUB, PIPER PACER 1 FAA 8130-3 1C235/LFA7570 OVERHAULED CESSNA 172R 3 FAA 8130-3 1C172/M On average, storage costs for your Cessna 172 will run about $250 per month or about $3,000 per year. Cmpurile obligatorii sunt marcate cu *, How To Use Facebook Messenger Without Facebook. Do you own a restaurant or fancy any type of aviation art? [11], The 1966 model year 172G introduced a more pointed spinner and sold for US$12,450 in its basic 172 version and US$13,300 in the upgraded Skyhawk version. Please let us know if you have any additional questions on our propeller overhaul process or how we can help you with your next aviation art project! Basically everything firewall forward was new. Costs Involved In Owning & Operating A Cessna 172 Skyhawk, The costs to own and operate a Cessna 172 Skyhawk are much the same as the, costs involved in owning and operating a Cessna, of any kind. [14][15] The aircraft is now on display at the airport.[16]. It's your turn to fly new. In July 2010, Cessna announced it was developing an electrically powered 172 as a proof-of-concept in partnership with Bye Energy. All airplanes have fixed and variable costs of ownership, so this is no surprise. Typical Cessna 172 Operating costs average between $100-$200 per hour depending on a wide range of variables. It includes an overhauled O-360-A4M engine, Sensenich SuperHawk propeller, and all of the hardware for the installation. 172 Skyhawk is around $370,000 to $425,000 or more. Owning Vs Renting Vs Club: Is It Worth Owning Your Own Plane? The Cessna 172 Skyhawk uses avgas, and this costs about $45 per hour of flight. The more flight hours that build up on an engine, the more often it will need to be completely overhauled. Bush Conversions advertise these upgrades to give 150 MPH cruise speeds. [11], The 1960 model 172A introduced a swept-back tailfin and rudder, as well as float fittings. The 172R's maximum takeoff weight is 2,450lb (1,111kg). 2017 Jayco Jay Feather For Sale, If you want full coverage, youll have to pay much more for insurance and the cost will heavily depend on the value of the plane. I have estimated these to run at about $10 per flying hour. Joined: Nov 25, 2011. Its frequently referred to as shared ownership or fractional ownership. Typically, there is an initial investment required when purchasing a share of an aircraft, followed by continuing maintenance and operational expenses. So how can you save on fuel costs? This price includes the removal and replacement of the engine, all new parts including an overhauled crankshaft, cylinders, pistons and bearings, as well as labor. Meticulously maintained low-time full IFR Cessna 172 Cutlass RG w/ freshly O/H Engine and McCauley constant speed Prop. Theres also going to be a depreciation cost but its impossible to estimate this cost for your specific circumstances because there are so many factors to consider. Improved performance and a quieter cabin provide an enhanced flying experience for pilot and . Required fields are marked *. So the owner will have $47,000 to purchase and install an IO-520 in the airplane. The Skyhawk N, or Skyhawk/100 as Cessna termed it, was introduced for the 1977 model year. O-470( ) (3-blade Scimitar) Email: Propeller Overhaul (every 2000 hours or every 7 years): $5,000** Hourly Operating Cost: Including only Avgas and engine oil, the hourly operating cost of a Cessna 172 is about $42 (8 gph fuel burn at $5/gal, and $2/hr for oil). Production ended after only three years when all 172 production stopped.[11]. Optional long-range 52USgal (197L) wing fuel tanks were offered. Again, just like the other costs, the cost of insurance will vary greatly depending on your location, frequency of flight, aircraft value, and type of cover. Depending upon the propeller model, this interval could be between 1,000 to 2,000 flight hours; but, there is also a calendar limit (typically five years) that is often ignored. The aircraft had a gross weight of 2,550lb (1,157kg) and an optimal cruise speed of 122 knots (226km/h) compared to the 172P's cruise speed of 120 knots (222km/h) on 20hp (15kW) less. About this product. An overhauled engine has new parts installed when they are worn beyond limits, but many are left in place because the wear limit hasnt been exceeded. But flying is so worth it! [31], In reviewing this new model Paul Bertorelli of AVweb said: "Im sure Cessna will find some sales for the Skyhawk JT-A, but at $420,000, its hard to see how it will ignite much market expansion just because its a Cessna. The Reims Rocket led to Cessna producing the R172K Hawk XP, a model available from 1977 to 1981 from both Wichita and Reims. Leasing the aircraft is an additional choice that enables you to use it for a predetermined period of time before returning it or even buying it at the conclusion of the lease. Question: Does AutoZone still read codes for free. As far as inspections go, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that airplanes get inspected every year for airworthiness. [12] The 172 has also been equipped with the 180hp (134kW) fuel injected Superior Air Parts Vantage engine. Buying a share in a plane enables you to own a portion of the plane and operate it jointly with other owners. All materials are posted on the site strictly for informational and educational purposes! Kit includes 2-bladed propeller, spinner, and STC paperwork. That said, you will almost always get much better value out of a Cessna 172 if you buy a used model. "Type certificate data sheet no. A general aviation airplane, the Skyhawk's main competitors have been the Beechcraft Musketeer and Grumman AA-5 series (neither currently in production), the Piper Cherokee,[6] and, more recently, the Diamond DA40 and Cirrus SR20. Installed new bearings and parts, cylinders honed (since cylinders were not replaced it cannot be called a major overhaul). Thats why Cessnas Special Inspection Documents now put a life limit on the Cessna 172 airframe (and a few other single-engine models, as well) of 30,000 hours. Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era. During the year, you might have toreplacespark plugs andair filters. Early 172s were similar in appearance to the 170s, with the same straight aft fuselage and tall landing gear legs, although the 172 had a straight tailfin while the 170 had a rounded fin and rudder. The popular 172 Skylanes have a 2,000-hour TBO and overhauls running in the $20,000 range. 2022 CESSNA 172 SKYHAWK Piston Single Aircraft Price: USD $590,000 Payments as low as USD $3,770.10 / monthly* Aircraft Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Total Time: 809.3 Engine 1 Time: 809.3 SNEW Engine TBO: 2,000 Compare Berichi Aviation Fort Lauderdale, Florida Phone: (954) 247-4924 Email Seller Video Chat New rudder and brake pedals were also added. It enables the owners to divide the aircrafts initial purchase price as well as continuing maintenance and operational expenses. The 1962 price was US$9,895. Here you will find many articles that detail all the subtleties and tricks in the field of car repair. We welcome you to stop by our facility to check out our display case in the front office and then tour our shop afterwards! The variable cost to fly works out at around $83 per hour. It was powered by a Rolls-Royce built, fuel-injected, Continental IO-360-H(B) 210hp (160kW) engine with a constant-speed propeller. Some places may charge more while others may offer discounts for purchasing bulk oil. . Cessna 150/152s have a recommended TBO of 1,800 hours, with an average overhaul cost in 2011 of $20,000. There is a big price difference between purchasing a new or used Cessna 172 Skyhawk. [11], The 1963 172D model introduced the lower rear fuselage with a wraparound Omni-Vision rear window and a one-piece windshield. Hangar costs will vary greatly depending on location and the type of storage facility youll be renting space from. If you believe that the posting of any material infringes your copyright, be sure to contact us through the contact form and your material will be removed! If current fuel costs are about $4 per gallon, that's another $40 per hour to operate the plane. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Fixed costs are the costs that dont really change over time. [11], The 172Q was introduced in 1983 and given the name Cutlass to create an affiliation with the 172RG, although it was actually a 172P with a Lycoming O-360-A4N engine of 180 horsepower (134kW). [11], The price of a new Skyhawk P was US$33,950, with the Skyhawk P II costing US$37,810 and the Nav/Pac equipped Skyhawk P II selling for US$42,460. North America:1 (800) 942-7767 International:+1 (937) 778-4200 For a low cost, McCauley blades deliver superior performance, class-leading TBO and three years of factory limited warranty. At pretty much any time, you can find. The 172E also featured a redesigned instrument panel. If you choose to rent directly from the airport, you can pay up to $400 per month or more for hangar rental. In addition, the United States Border Patrol uses a fleet of 172s for aerial surveillance along the Mexico-US border. [11], 1963 also saw the introduction of the 172D Powermatic, powered by a 175 horsepower (130kW) Continental GO-300E, increasing cruise speed by 11mph (18km/h) relative to the standard 172D. I know there are a few different financing alternatives available for this kind of aircraft because I have friends who own a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. TU206G TSIO-520-M (3-blade 82 Scimitar), IO-520-F (3-blade 78 or 80) A TBO is the recommend complete engine overhaul time, a procedure that costs roughly 16,000-30,000 depending on your engine. The price of avgas (100LL) has increased significantly over the past few years and shows no signs of decreasing any time soon. [11], The 1979 model "N" increased the flap-extension speed to 110 knots (204km/h). Brand. Repairs or replacements are carried out as necessary. On May 28, 1987, a rented Reims Cessna F172P, On January 5, 2002, high school student Charles J. Bishop, On April 6, 2009, a Cessna 172N, C-GFJH, belonging to, This page was last edited on 26 February 2023, at 14:37. So far 95% of the cranks Ive sent in for reconditioning have been fine. Be prepared for a total cost of ownership of $13,125 annually. Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul Price Guide. IO-520 engine, 1700 TBO, 1540 SMOH and 100 since a $13,000 top overhaul with new cylinders. Stony Brook Graduate Fellowships, The cost of a factory rebuilt IO-520 should run around $43,000 give or take and I would estimate the R&R costs at about $4,000. More often than not, this will come in a bigger bill once every few years rather than a steady annual cost, so keep that in mind. This is also known as a TBO (Time Between Overhaul). Regular Maintenance & Inspection Costs For A Cessna 172 Skyhawk, As far as inspections go, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that airplanes get inspected every year for airworthiness. IO-520-F (3-blade 80 Scimitar), TSIO-520-( ) (3-blade 80) More recently, the new diesel powered 182JT-A and 867 hp, High Gross Weight 208B Caravan EX have been introduced to the world with new Hartzell 3-blade propellers all proudly displaying the Hartzell Built on Honor logo. Its very similar to the phased-out C90. The overhaul cost probably works out at something like $10 per running hour. A Service Bulletin may be wise to comply with, but it is optional. 1965 Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Bighorn Sheep Hunting Tactics, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115 It will cover damage or injury to third persons. D-30260 P/N C163004-0104. If you are a credit card customer and we have your information on file, we will charge the card accordingly. Overhaul and Repair Services; Product Registration Form; Products. North America:1 (800) 942-7767 International:+1 (937) 778-4200 U206G, P206 - P206E, TP206A - TP206E, TU206F - ( )IO-520- ( ) (3-blade 80) 2740 N. Sheridan Rd. For a used Cessna 172 with about $50,000 in value, insurance will likely cost you $500 - $1,000 per year. The cost of an oil change for a Cessna 172 Skyhawk is typically around $200. A new cowling was used, introducing shock-mounts that transmitted lower noise levels to the cockpit and reduced cowl cracking. Hartzells Top Prop program continues this long tradition by offering 2-, 3-, and 4-blade conversions featuring the latest in blended airfoil scimitar technology for most single engine Cessnas, 2- or 3-blade Top Prop conversions for all Cessna 310s, and a low noise 4-blade option for the Honeywell powered Cessna 441 Conquest. Propeller Make: McCauley Model: 1C235/LFA7570 Hub Serial Number: V148016 Time Between Overhauls: 2,200 Hours Time Since Overhaul: 1,458.2 Hours Total Time Remaining: 741.8 Hours Overhaul Information: Overhauled & installed 28 April 2008 at 4,482.8 hours AFTT Overhaul reserves: $9.57.

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